Project Communications Redesigned

The only Kiwi-owned comms platform for construction projects

Project communications for construction made easy

Purpose-built for construction companies and government agencies to interact with stakeholders, track feedback and analyse sentiment

Project Sites

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Custom Branding

Strengthen your connections with those who matter

Using project websites and multi-channel communications, come together as contractors and local government to reduce the impact when you build in your community.

Improve your efficiency

Consolidate your communication efforts into one platform to maximise outreach, reduce time spent tracking inbound messages and increase transparency with your engagement obligations.

Automate your sentiment tracking

With AI-powered tools, save time when reporting on community feedback. No more manually classifying sentiment and finding keywords.

We can help you

✓ Easily create beautiful mobile-friendly project websites

✓ Share important information with the public

✓ Collect and analyse feedback and sentiment

✓ Report on pain points, engagement KPIs and site traffic