Tudor Park Motel shares improved experience with UpdateCove

How UpdateCove helps to reduce the impact of ongoing construction works on a community

Tudor Park Motel owner and East Coast Moteliers Association president Art Heern and his wife Kim are respected members of the Gisborne community.

Find out more from them about the difference UpdateCove made with keeping locals up-to-date on a recent construction project.

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Local Business

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3 months

Tudor Park Motel offers self-contained accommodation five minutes outside central Gisborne and is popular with those looking for a convenient, peaceful destination when visiting Tairāwhiti.

This was the first time we have had so much visibility on construction works around the city - knowing what's going on helped make things less disruptive and was really appreciated by local residents and businesses.

The Challenge

Infrastructure projects are often disruptive and can have a big impact on a local community. Without adequate information on what's happening, local residents and businesses experience frustrations around how construction activities affect them and getting any issues resolved quickly.

Traditional letter-drops do not provide up-to-date details, especially when plans change, and are limited to those within the immediate vicinity of the works. Therefore, a more effective method of communication for project updates was much desired by local residents.

How We Helped

UpdateCove supported the Reline NZ and Gisborne District Council teams in creating a project website and maximising community outreach in order to ensure community wellbeing and the best outcomes for locals during the project. 

The project website provided regular updates and essential information for a wider audience, including residents who do not live near the work sites but may pass through on their daily commute. It also facilitated two-way communication by serving as a direct channel for residents to report any issues straight to the head contractor. 

The Impact

Feedback received has revealed that locals like the Heerns appreciated being able to plan for any disruptions, therefore reducing the impact of the works on their daily activities. 

Furthermore, we heard from some residents that the project website has given them a better understanding around the need for the project and the long-term value it brings to the community in extending the life of wastewater pipelines around Gisborne.

Another benefit mentioned was that being able to engage directly with those running the project resulted in quicker resolution of issues, as normally they would have to go through Council customer service and get their query redirected to the head contractor before a response is received.